Little World Changers

Winter school holidays are about to start here in Australia and we have put together a list of things you can do with your kiddies to gently make them more aware of some of the injustices around the world and how they can help.

1. Hold a garage sale.

Together talk about a charity that you would like to support then encourage your children to collect toys and clothing (in good condition) around the home that they no longer want. Hold a garage sale from your own front yard to raise money for your chosen charity.

2. Support a local fundraising event.

If you read your local paper you will notice fairy quickly that charities are always holding events to fund raise for the people, they help. Together with your children find an event you can attend and support.

3. Watch an inspiring documentary

We are big fans of any documentary that highlights injustices around the globe and how we can help. They always seem to cause us to take action. Unfortunately, many of them are not always child friendly. Although we have come across this delightful film called ‘Imba Means Sing’.

Imba Means Sing is a documentary that follows 20 young members of the African Children's Choir (Number 39) on an 18-month tour of the United States, with stops in Canada and the U.K. Everything is seen through the eyes of the kids: They sing; they dance; 3they find great joy in some of the Western world's most kid-friendly activities for the first time (a bowling alley, NYC, a snowfall, skating, a campfire). Audiences are treated to a few of the kids' most heartfelt observations and feelings. Other than one mention of homesickness, no obstacles stand in their way. The filmmaking team doesn't ignore the grim living conditions in Uganda that these kids temporarily leave behind, but even those situations are explored with a sense of hopefulness for the future and show the loving nature of their families.

You can find this film on ITunes.

4. National Pyjama Day

Parents you will like this one! As your heading towards the end of the school holidays on Friday 21st July it will be National Pyjama Day to raise awareness and funds for children in foster care. So, don’t get out of your PJ’s! Make a donation to this wonderful cause and most importantly talk to your children about why you’re staying in your pyjamas all day. You can register here .

5. Love Bomb

Last week at Circle Movement we started something new. We are Love Bombing people in our world that deserve and need a little extra loving. We are encouraging others to do the same by sharing it on social media using the hashtag #CmLoveBomb. Encourage your little humans to think of someone they know who needs a little extra love this week. Together come up with some ideas of how they can surprise this person with an extravagant act of love. Here are a few ideas we came up with…

*Bake some yummy treats

*Make a beautiful card



*Gift vouchers

*Write them a song or poem

Watch our Love Bomb here.

6. Websites worth checking out

Our kiddies love being on the net so why not get them to check out these websites that can help them change the world next time…

For ages 3+ We Give Books

We Give Books is an educational site that not only allows children to read for free, but also supports worldwide charities. It is a Pearson Foundation initiative. Members can pick from a variety of organizations that they want to donate to, and each time they read a book, the site in turn donates a book to that charity.

For ages 9+ Free Rice

Freerice is a non-profit website that is owned by and supports the United Nations World Food Program. For each answer you get right they donate 10 grains of rice to the World Food Program to help end hunger.

7. YouTube has the answers!

YouTube we love you! And we love these short clips that we can share with our children to uplift and inspire them.

Charlie Cooper is an extraordinary young man who shares his story at a TED Conference about the buddy chair.

10 Kids that Changed the World

Kid President (warning this is impacting and hilarious)

8. Upcycle

So you have had your garage sale but may not have sold everything. Hit Pinterest for some ideas about how you can upcycle those old clothes, furniture and even toys. This saves wastage and things going into landfill that don’t necessarily need too. It also teaches our kids that we don’t need to go buy ‘new’ things all the time. We can turn the old into the new and put our money towards something more worthwhile.

9. Hold a Party!

It may not be your birthday but your kiddies could put on a fun party to raise money for their favorite charity. Some ideas could include…

-A Tea Party in the park. Bake some cupcakes, bring a picnic rug and some old tea cups and tea pots. Now all you have to do is invite some friends and get them to bring a donation.

-A Super Hero Party. Get your mates to dress as their favorite super hero. Play games and talk to them about how we can be real heroes when we put our super powers together and throw a donation in a hat while you’re at it.

Other ideas could include A Teddy Bears Picnic, A disco party, An Art Party, Water Pistol Party…

10. Attend an event/ workshop that’s making a difference

If you surround yourself with the right kind of people you will eventually come across events or workshops that encourage us to make a difference and make us more aware of different issues. Here are a couple we found that are happening over these school holidays that are very kid friendly on the Central Coast…

Cathy Stuart Workshop: How to sew Boomerang Bags for Beginners.

Whale Dreamers Festival

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