To The Person Who Is Feeling Weary

So, I was thinking about you last night.

I could see that you were not coping, that your spark had faded for a moment and the dream had slipped away.

It was obvious that you just wanted to be normal. You know, the woman who just gets up in the morning with no worries. Just clocks in and out at the end of the day and heads home for a glass of wine and her PJ’s. (May I remind you that normal is a cycle on a washing machine).

It’s as though why you started in the first place no longer exists in your heart or mind anymore. You can only see for today and nothing else seems to matter. Just letting go and turning the knob to normal looks mighty fine.

To be honest everyone around you wouldn’t blame you for feeling this way. They have watched you run like the wind. You are one of the most passionate woman they have ever met! Always driven by your goals and dreams. Determine to make a difference in this world. But many have watched from the grandstands in awe knowing they could never be like you. They praise you for your work but they say it’s not for them. Many believe that you are giving too much and have told you to be careful over the years. Many times you were warned of burnout and told to take care of yourself. So, of course in this moment I could see you had so much support.

You have spent so much of your energy, sometimes without results. For some reason right now you can only see the failures and no wins.

This is not the case though.

You have actually done more than you think to make a difference in this world and this is just the beginning of your journey.

Seeing you like this made me really think about why we get weary. I’m definitely a victim of it. At times life feels like a roller coaster, massive highs and massive lows. This in its self is exhausting!

Sometimes we do need to slow down, take a breather and care for ourselves.

The definition of weary is ‘feeling or showing extreme tiredness, especially as a result of excessive exertion. Reluctant to see or experience any more. Fed up. Bored. Sick of.’

I can see you were sick of it. Sick of putting so much energy out and feeling like nothing is happening.

Beautiful, beautiful woman do not become weary in doing good, for your time is coming to shine even brighter. Stick at it. Don’t choose normal. You are definitely not normal. You are extraordinary.

Here’s a few things I try to remind myself of when I can see myself becoming weary…

1. I remember why I started

It’s so easy to lose our way and get distracted by opportunities that look amazing but may not always have anything to do with the ‘Why’ you started. Always remember ‘Why’ you started.

2. I think about the things that feed my ‘Why’

If we are not constantly going back to the things that originally started this journey and made us take the leap to run this race, then we will eventually become weary. I go back to that book or movie that inspired me. I go to that place that changed my life. I speak to those people who lifted me up and had a like mind. I learn more about the injustice issues I’m passionate about.

3. I prioritise what’s important

Often when I get weary it’s because I become overwhelmed by a lot of ‘stuff’. I say ‘stuff’ because usually that’s exactly what it is. Just a heap of not really important things that I start to get all worked up about. Writing everything down is always a massive help for me. Instantly it puts things in perspective.

4. I stop to look at the beauty

Often I get so driven that I forget to enjoy the journey. Becoming weary is often a sign of this. A sign that you can keep going but just slow down a tad to smell the roses, to acknowledge the checkout girl, to enjoy an ice cream on the beach. The other day I had two words running through my heart ‘Practice Love’. I was feeling weary and felt the need to just love. Not run around like a crazy lady trying to solve world issues but just practice loving in my every day, in everything I put my hands too. Since then I have felt so much joy. I love that word ‘practice’. It implies that I’m not perfect at loving everybody and everything but I’m trying. These two words have made me stop and look at the beauty along the way.

I hope this helps you just a little. I hope you’re smiling again soon and I hope weariness becomes a thing of the past for us all. We will always have trials and tribulations but how wonderful it is to know that we are not alone in this journey and that there are always things we can do to make things easier for ourselves. If you’re feeling weary, try these things and don’t forget to talk it out with someone. Sometimes when we just simply share what’s going on it puts things in perspective.

You are so incredibly amazing! Never forget it beautiful, beautiful lady.

Much Love,

Adelle xx

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