Two big idea - creating a range of unique & beautifully made things in an ethical way. With careers in marketing & design paving the way, we sat down, we researched, we planned, we talked & after endless coffees..we did it - one fine day in 2013 our little indie folk label ’Foundling’ was born.


Growing up in the Byron area..a love of classic hippie pieces paired with a penchant for the perfect were the driving forces behind the brand..producing them ethically was a must and as it happened, that only involved a bit of research, a trip to India and equal amounts of determination.


We only work with sedex accredited and/or fair trade organisations, almost all of which are family run businesses, much like our own. We describe the range as karma positive and we have steadily grown a really loyal customer base who appreciate unique designs that are beautifully tailored and ethically made.



Location: New South Wales, Australia

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