She The Change events are always something special, inclusive + warm.  Every gathering is spiced with the type of magic only made possible in a room full like-hearted women.

Check out our past events. We have more goodness coming your way post Covid-19!

STC Nights 2020.jpg

Central Coast

Friday 20 March

Our guest speakers for the evening will be sharing inspiring stories that will compel you live your best, most-bravest life; strong, vulnerable, compassionate, generous, resilient, adventurous and on purpose.

$30 (+BF)

South Coast Long Lunch.jpg

SouthCoast Long Lunch

Saturday 29 Feb

Join us on a very special roadtrip- the South Coast Long Lunch, departing from The Central Coast

$30 (+BF)

Ask Anything Tile.jpg

Ask Anything Dinner

Thursday 30 April

Join us with our first ‘Ask Anything’ dinner with the She The Change co-creators. It’s your chance to mix and mingle in a more intimate setting.

$75 (+BF)