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Helen Lamont



New South Wales, Australia


I'm Helen. My friends call me Hen. I am a natural light portrait photographer based on the beautiful NSW Central Coast. I photograph predominantly on the Coast and Sydney’s North Shore.

Stephanie Johnson



Santiago, Chile


Stephanie Johnson, is a passionate school teacher, yoga teacher, mum-to-be and environmentalist. She has a severe and incurable case of wanderlust and has traveled to over 50 countries, with more plans to jetset abroad in search of yoga and adventure. Stephanie is an Australian, currently living in Santiago, Chile. item about? What makes it interesting?

Sam Tracy

Musician + Singer + Poet


New South Wales, Australia

I am a Singer/Songwriter & Poet located on the Central Coast of NSW. One of my favorite things to witness or be apart of is ones journey to finding their most authentic self. I find I write to inspire and encourage; drawing from personal experiences of self doubt or living in the shadows, my goal is to shed light on those whom need some inspiration be that through melody or rhyme....

Karly Burke



Washington, USA

Just a little ol Seattle girl whom is using social media as a tool to turn life’s bumps into movements. Using my voice to live beautifully as a women who supports other women!

Sarah Rosborg

Founder of Rafiki Mwema

New South Wales, Australia

Sarah is the hardest working, committed and border line crazy charity CEO. She lives and breathes helping and caring for others to have a better and safer life. She has a creative and overactive mind which is programmed permanently to raising funds and awareness for Rafiki Mwema...

Rebecca Ray

Author + Influencer


Queensland, Australia


Rebecca is a Writer, Speaker, and Clinical Psychologist. Her message centres on the task of living bravely in the truth of our experiences as finders and seekers of inspiration and connection. Rebecca’s first book, You Can Be Happy, hits the shelves in April 2018.

Taryn Brumfitt

Founder of the Body Image Movement


South Australia, Australia


Taryn Brumfitt is an internationally recognised keynote speaker and the fiercely passionate thought leader behind The Body Image Movement. Best-selling author and director of the inspiring social-change documentary Embrace, Taryn’s global crusade to end the body dissatisfaction epidemic has seen her recognised by the United Nations Women, Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls and the Geena Davis Institute...

Kim O'Connor



New South Wales, Australia

Kim is a singer/songwriter from the Central Coast, New South Wales. With two solo albums and an EP previously released, Kim is currently one half of the duo, The Watershed. Kim's style is emotive and raw, with a focus on honest, uncomplicated lyrics.

Cristal Walters

Changemaker + Teacher


New South Wales, Australia


My name is Cristal Walters. I'm a 25 year old, born and bread on the Central Coast. I am a proud Aboriginal woman from the Kamilaroi peoples, but acknowledge and respect the lands of the Darkinjung people in which are the lands I have been raised on.

Max Jackson

Singer + Song Writer


New South Wales, Australia

Hey, nice to meet you, I'm Max! I love popcorn, bulldog puppies (woof-woof) and inspiring others to play guitar. Oh, did I mention cups of tea? #SINGINGGURL I'm signed to reservoir records, where I get to sing all day everyday and create new music....

Clare Press

Podcaster + Author + Advocate


Sydney, New South Wales

Clare Press is Australia’s leading ethical fashion journalist. She spreads the word about responsible fashion via her Wardrobe Crisis platform. Her book about the changing global fashion system, Wardrobe Crisis, How We Went from Sunday Best to Fast Fashion (Nero), was named one of The Age’s Best Books of 2016. It will be published in the US  in February.

Amy Mackenzie

Biz + Life Coach


New South Wales, Australia


Amy works with female entrepreneurs, coaches, change makers + creatives. Helping women with a business or passion project, find + own their voice, boost their self confidence + belief, be seen + tap into what they truly want, while taking inspired action towards designing a life they love + building their dream business...

Rachel Mills

Co-founder Circle Movement + Posy Project


New South Wales, Australia


Inspired by volunteering in development projects in India and Brazil, Rachel wants to live in a world where every human has the opportunity to thrive. Rachel has been part of the World Vision Youth Team for four years. In 2012, Rachel completed a Fellowship at the School for Social Entrepreneurs...

Adelle Laing

Founder of Circle Movement


New South Wales, Australia


Adelle Laing is an inspiring speaker, blogger, social entrepreneur and passionate thought leader.  Co-Founder of Circle Movement and The Welcome to Paradise Foundation alongside her husband Chris. Adelle and Chris are also the owners and heart behind The Ark Café. A social enterprise that exists to support the Foundation...

Shauna Ryan

Founder of Strong Woman


New South Wales, Australia


Shauna Ryan is a millennial visionary, international blog curator and emotional thought leader. In 2015 she founded a burgeoning social media campaign which turned social start-up, Project Strong Women (PSW). PSW uses social media to showcase women that embody resilience, fortitude and compassion through photographs and corresponding narrative.

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Tameka Waldron



New South Wales, Australia


I am a self taught designer and illustrator who specialises in hand lettering. I take inspiration from 60's and 70's psychedelic art and from nature. For over 6 years my designs have been used for wedding invitations, t-shirts, posters and for several charity exhibitions...

Emma Woodcock

Social Entrepreneur


Victoria, Australia


Emma Woodcock is the Founder and CEO of Grace & Able a company that is ending poverty one handmade piece of jewellery at a time. While most girls grew up in sunny streets with barbies and roller-skates, Emma grew up on sunny but crowded streets of the Philippines, watching her parents integrate and serve the world’s vulnerable.

Josephine Telea

Advocate + Social Worker


New South Wales, Australia

Since I was little girl, all I ever wanted to help people and take their hurt away. Over the years this has grown, developed and matured, different seasons in life it went from wanting the bullies at school to be kind to the ‘bullied’ to travelling to the Middle East to put an end to Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), wanting my elderly neighbours to not feel lonely to finding a cure for dementia....

Grace Vuetaki



New South Wales, Australia

Grace Agnes Vuetaki is a full time Fine Arts student, she has had a passion for creating for as long as she can remember. Inspired by her interests, and driven by her passions Grace's artwork usually represents a quirky feeling of happiness involving an interesting colour palette, and strong line work.

Amanda Maree Wright

Women's Health + Lifestyle Coach


New South Wales, Australia


I am an Indie Mumma to 3 amazing boys. I am a Women's Health & Lifestyle Coach who is a fully fledged recovering yo-yo dieter, self-body shamer and people pleaser. I also have a tendency towards spontaneous singing and dancing. I am a beach loving, moon-manifesting, sage-cleanser, wannabe student of crystals who seeks magic in almost everything...

Tara Winkler

Managing Director Cambodian Children's Trust




Tara Winkler is the Managing Director of the Cambodian Children’s Trust (CCT), which she established with Jedtha Pon in 2007 in order to rescue fourteen children from a corrupt and abusive orphanage.


Danielle Knight

Life + Soul Coach

Queensland, Australia


Danielle Knight is a Life + Soul Coach, Intentional Travel Expert, Speaker & Facilitator who supports the Dreamers, Seekers & Creative Hearts to believe in themselves, unlock their potential and create a life around what they love, on their own terms. Through her 1:1 coaching services, speaking & soulful events, she empowers others to pursue life-changing experiences & confidently become the person they've always ( secretly ) wanted to be so they can share...

Kim Crichton

Founder of Foundling


New South Wales, Australia


Two big idea - creating a range of unique & beautifully made things in an ethical way. With careers in marketing & design paving the way, we sat down, we researched, we planned, we talked & after endless coffees..we did it - one fine day in 2013 our little indie folk label 'Foundling’ was born. 


Laura Wells

Speaker + Presenter + Model


New South Wales, Australia


Laura Wells is an Environmentalist, presenter and one of Australia’s top plus size models. Holding degrees in both Biology and Law, qualifications in Environmental management systems and currently studying a Diploma of Paramedical Science, Laura’s passion for the environment...


Kristy Fox

Co-founder of Circle Movement


New South Wales, Australia


Speaker, serial creative, and co-founder of Circle Movement, Kristy is no stranger to justice in the community. With a background in youth work, Kristy’s experience across New South Wales' Central Coast spans over 20 years, and includes work and collaboration with many organisations and not-for-profits...

Katy Dynes

Yes Just Katy- Sustainable Brand


Sydney, New South Wales


Yes Just Katy is an online retail destination that focuses on connecting you with unique and meaningful pieces from around the world. Supporting the slow made movement, we showcase the work of local artisans who are proudly zero waste and made in Australia...

Emily Rex

Musician + Songwriter


New South Wales, Australia


Emily Rex is an Australian born vocalist and singer, with an avid passion for R&B, Soul, and unique harmony arrangements. Rex’s voice came to commercial attention in 2014 when she appeared on the hit TV series, The Voice...

Amy Lovat

Writer + Founder of Secret Book Stuff


New South Wales, Australia


Amy Lovat is a writer, editor and academic, based in Sydney and Newcastle, Australia. She has a PhD in English (Creative Writing) and teaches creative writing at the University of Newcastle and Hunter Writer's Centre. In 2015, she started a blog called Cool People Doing Cool Things...


Carly Thomson

Speaker + Writer + Author


New South Wales, Australia


As a wife and mother of three boys, Carly's life is always full of adventure, be it the every day ordinary moments of life or the high energy fun, she chooses to remain present and connected to the world around her. Carly is a dynamic speaker, author of faith books and the She Collective Handbook, She is a mentor to young women, a teacher and an encourager...

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