Danielle Knight is a Life + Soul Coach, Intentional Travel Expert, Speaker & Facilitator who supports the Dreamers, Seekers & Creative Hearts to believe in themselves, unlock their potential and create a life around what they love, on their own terms. 

Through her 1:1 coaching services, speaking & soulful events, she empowers others to pursue life-changing experiences & confidently become the person they've always ( secretly ) wanted to be so they can share their true selves & gifts with the world. 

Having lived, worked, volunteered & backpacked around the globe for over 10 years, Danielle has experienced life across many different countries & cultures & believes there’s no one size fits all version for happiness & success. She aims to help others get clear on what it means to them and gain the confidence, focus and self belief to achieve it. 

Outside of her Life + Soul coaching business, Danielle is focused on her volunteer role within OrphFund. A not for profit organisation, powered by 100% volunteer involvement building & managing schools, orphanages & self-sustaining projects throughout Africa. It supports the communities & focuses on giving the most vulnerable of children a real chance at a bright future. Danielle strongly believes in the importance of conscious living and giving back and so a portion of all of her coaching fees are also donated towards the work of Orphfund. 

With a deep understanding on how the power of travel, adventure & coaching can be used to intentionally transform our lives, Danielle helps people to step outside their comfort zone, connect with themselves & others, do what lights them up & bring meaning to their lives.


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Location: Queensland, Australia