Welcome  Changemaker 

Hi I’m Adelle Laing,



Co-Creator of She the Change, social entrepreneur, and humanitarian here to help you on

your changemaker journey.

I love to help big hearted, passionate humans just like you live your greatest life while

making a difference in the world.

I believe you have it in you to do and be all you desire to be.

Life is short my friend so do not waste another moment! If not for yourself then for

the sake of those in the world who need you.

Let me ask you this….

  • Do you often experience a feeling of deep discontent with the injustices in the world and wanting to do more to help?

  • Have you always struggled to figure out what your true and unique contribution is the world?

  • Do you have big ideas and dreams but cannot seem to make them happen?

  • Are you struggling to kick those obstacles like fear, intimidation, self-doubt and comparison in the butt?

  • Is the constant noise and busyness in your life dragging you away from what you’re

      truly meant to be doing?

  • Do you have a business or career but are longing to use it for good?

  • Are you struggling to create vision, clarity and success for your charity, NFP, social enterprise or biz?


I’ve been there. I’ve been the girl overwhelmed by the injustices in the world and longing to

make a difference but having no idea where to start or what to do.

                                                 See here for more about Adelle’s story and journey. 

I’m just an ordinary girl who decided that I was the only one who could give myself

permission to step up and out in my life. And guess what? You can too!

After years of co-creating two NFP, social enterprises and working within the social welfare industry I have come to realise that we can all make a difference and believe that we are all born in some way to use

our lives to help others.

My role as a Changemaker Coach is to bring out

your true and unique contribution to the world.

Maybe you're already there but need a kindred spirit to cheer you on and support you on your journey.

I’ll ask you powerful questions that will bring you clarity, focus and purpose. We will then work together on what your goals are and set tangible, exciting and inspiring actions to work towards.

I will support you every step of the way and be your very own accountability buddy.

I'll show you deep respect and no judgment.

I’m here for one purpose and that is to see you my friend live your best most magnificent life.

I work with ordinary everyday woman, entrepreneurs and changemakers.

Whoever you are, if your passion is to use your life for the greater good of others then I

would love to hear from you.

If you read this and said ‘Hell Yes’! This sounds like me. Then follow the link below to book in a complimentary phone call. We can chat about what you need and you can ask me anything you like during this 30-minute session. No strings attached. Just a girl to girl chat.


If you are ready to…

+ Discover your true and unique contribution to the world

+ Turn those big ideas, dreams and visions into reality

+ Overcome obstacles like fear, anxiety, procrastination and self-doubt

+ Press pause on all of the noise, so you can only hear your true inner voice. Cause that’s where the magic is!

+ Use your business for good

+ Create vision, clarity and success for your charity, NFP, social enterprise or Biz.

Than I am here to walk beside you and be your number one cheerleader and coach.

Want to see how we can work together in YOUR changemaker journey?











Whether you are at the beginning of your changemaker journey or your further along I can customise our time together for you specifically. There is no one size fits all here! We were all made one of a kind and I believe every person is unique which is exactly why I have created only ONE package customised to suit you.

Your customised package includes…

# Questionnaire to draw out what you really need.

# 3 months of one on one support to help you be the best version of YOU! With the

result of having a positive impact on others in the world.

# 6 x 60 minute coaching sessions with me via Skype or on the Central Coast NSW in

person. In these calls together we set powerful and inspiring actions to move towards

your goals.

# We will dive deep into uncovering your true and unique contribution to the world.

# Unshackling you from anything holding you back and pulling you down.

# Take practical steps towards working out your dreams and visions for the life you


# 3 months unlimited email support

# Free resources to support you on your journey if needed.


Total: $1200 AUD + GST

Payment plan

6 x $200 AUD + GST payments




This is for any woman desiring an empowering and supportive space while being coached into your next powerful change making steps.

If you’re feeling like you’re in a bit of a jam in your life or change making journey,

facing a bend or fork in the road or like your passion and fire needs reigniting, than this is for you!


Together over 2 incredible and in-depth hours we will identify your hearts desires and shift anything in your way, while also highlighting what’s most important for you to focus your time and energy on as you step forward. You will walk away with more clarity, connection and your next inspired steps to create change. 


Just like my Changemaker package this session will be customised and uniquely created to suit you and your needs and to help make this session as power packed as possible I'll send you a unique ‘Dig Deep’ Questionnaire before our session. This way we can spend our entire time together really getting into the good stuff and make the absolute most of our time together. 

If you would like to know more or see if this package is for you, then you can contact me here today. Simply share with me a little about where you’re at in your journey and what you’d most love some support with. I can't wait to hear from you!





These investments are GOOD! And only for a limited time.

Food for thought...

I never imagined the day when I thought paying someone to help me on the journey of life

would be necessary. But for me it 100% was. Not because anything was wrong but because

I didn't want to miss out on living my best life. I started to think about how much money I

have spent over the years on the way I looked and thought well how much more should I be

investing into the way I live!

Adelle Xx