I am an Indie Mumma to 3 amazing boys. I am a Women's Health & Lifestyle Coach who is a fully fledged recovering yo-yo dieter, self-body shamer and people pleaser. I also have a tendency towards spontaneous singing and dancing. I am a beach loving, moon-manifesting, sage-cleanser, wannabe student of crystals who seeks magic in almost everything. An unapologetic lover of love and believer in human kindness. Oh and I’m a Libran, on the cusp of Virgo, for the sake of specifics (and because I’m big on honesty).

I am also extremely passionate and dedicated - I love helping smart, sassy & spirited women, just like you, discover what they're truly hungry for when it comes to their health, wellness and living their best life.

My intentions for creating this supportive and safe space for women (I'm talking to you, beauty) was so they could feel nurtured, encouraged and understood... a place that holds space for women to fall in love with themselves, their life and ultimately their story.
How does one fall in love with themselves, their life and their story?
I call it: No. More. Weighting!

It means that you get to be the woman you want to be, the woman you dream of, have the life you want to live, without waiting for ‘THE’ number on a scale to give you permission or make you feel vibrant, vivacious, fun, confident or sexy...

You do it now!

I can help you get the life you crave, (yes, it is possible) and do all the things you've been stopping yourself from doing because you have been waiting for that 'magic number' to go grab what you want from life.

​How do you do this?

​We do it together! I will help you to discover your why, beneath the why, when it comes to making your food and lifestyle choices - in a simple, safe, scrumptious and soulful way.

Before you know it, you'll start feeling more empowered, lighter, free from diet confusion and loving your self,
​your life and your story!

Nothing lights me up like seeing my clients - courageous and beautiful women (yes, you!) reclaim their health and put a new spin on what sexy looks and feels like.... Because there ain't nothing sexier than that!

If you want to avoid diet traps and stop waiting for the scale to reach 'that' number before you start living your best life, then my beauty, you are in the right place.

​I can hardly wait to meet you!


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Women's Health & Lifestyle Coach

Location: New South Wales, Australia