SHE THE CHANGE is a collective of girls & women making the world a better place.

You've found She The Change. Stories, community + impact are at the heart of what we do! In doing so we have created a community for women who are (or aspiring to) make a difference.


We bring together women just like YOU through inspirational events, workshops + campaigns both online and in the real world.


We connect, equip + mobilise women to make a difference in their own world, local community + beyond!

Hundreds of women have already joined the movement.... Will you join so that your voice + actions can be counted?

Hey girl, let's change the world together

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We believe that every woman has the power to create positive change in her world.

We are all ‘Movers' in our own unique way. 

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Fair Fashion

Better for You, Better for the Workers + Better for the Planet


We're on a journey to create clothing that doesn't harm, but supports the garment workers that make our clothes. We also want to mitigate our environmental impacts, so your clothing doesn't cost the Earth. Our t-shirts & jackets are either #Reloved (salvaged and lovingly cared for back to life from second hand shops) or are sourced from suppliers who are Fair Wear Foundation Certified.This means the clothing is made in a more humane, ethical and ecological way. 



Changemaker Feature

Toot her horn. We are showcasing women who are making a difference on our @shethechange Instagram account. Women who are making the world a little brighter. Women who are advancing the cause.

So, tell us about a woman in your world who deserves a shout-out on our @shethechange Instagram. We will select one woman every week to feature.

                                                               > Frame her story in 250 words or less

                                                             > Share how she is making a difference

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We run events that open + connect hearts.

They'll also make you want to change your world! 


We try to make sure that everything we do contributes to making the world a better, safer and more connected place. Especially when it comes to girls and women. We give a percentage of profits to one of our partners charities. This money comes from the community events we run, clothing sales and other campaigns. We encourage you to get on board too. Check out the following causes and see what stirs your heart to action.

she the change you wish to see in the world





Other Causes



Online + off, we are all about creating community for women who are making a difference in their world.  Consider us your biggest most supportive cheer squad.

What She Said


What a glorious event and movement these dynamic women have created! She the Change is more than a rally it is a leading edge celebration of women supporting women. Adelle, Kristy and Rachel are a fierce loving force! They put so much love, care and attention into putting together a deep and powerful experience for every rally attendee. The event was a passion explosion, so many incredible speakers and entertainers...cannot wait for next year sisters.


She The Change is a life-changing experience. As everyone arrived, you could feel the excitement in the atmosphere. So many strong, beautiful women in one room – the love, spirit and courage was palpable. All the inspiring stories told on the day motivated me to be a better person, to give more than I take, and brought us all closer together. There are so many people in this world who choose to bring others down, but this day was all about support and encouragement. The wisdom that was shared touched my soul and pulled at my heartstrings.  I will certainly be back!


It was such a pleasure to be a part of The She The Change event. I was inspired by the wonderful women in the room and community that rallied together to bring love, laughter and support to one another. I laughed, I cried, I danced and I left feeling uplifted!